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Be Smart About Diagnostic Service & Maximize Your Investment

At German Import Garage and Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, CA, we often field inquiries about our diagnostic testing fee. Our rationale is simple:

Diagnostic testing and service is about giving our customers accurate information and answers to their vehicle questions so their vehicle is fixed right the first time.   


Why can’t QAS or GIG take a diagnosis from another shop?

To provide a comprehensive warranty on work performed, we need to be assured the right work is being done. Accepting another shop's diagnosis risks an incomplete or inaccurate assessment resulting in an incomplete or inaccurate repair.

I have the trouble code, can you just do the repair it indicates?

A trouble code is just a starting point that directs a technician. A qualified technician needs to delve deeper and discover the intricacies of the trouble. With expertise, online technical resources, and manufacturer specifications this meticulous approach ensures solutions to problems, On the other hand, a Band Aid approach prompted by a trouble code will lead to inconvenient and expensive repeat visits. Even worse, it can lead to trouble out on the road or severe system damage. 


A Case in Point: Misfire on an Audi

Consider our recent customer with a misfire code. While spark plugs seemed the obvious fix, our diagnosis revealed that the injectors being stuck open was the root cause. Without this thorough examination, the issue would persist even after replacing the spark plugs. This highlights the value of the expert diagnostic process at German Import Garage and Quality Automotive Servicing that will save customers headaches, time and money.


Another shop offers diagnostic testing for free.

Diagnostic work demands skilled technicians and a network of industry resources. These tools are a large investment for a shop and I don’t know of a technician that is willing to work for free. With this said, the shop that offers the diagnostic for free generally will recover these costs within the repair cost. What appears free is actually not. At  Quality Automotive Servicing, transparency defines our approach. When you make an investment in good diagnostic service, you know what you're are getting; the right repairs and the right results at a fair price.  

We hope this article is of help in understanding the need for professional diagnostic testing. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out by calling the shop at 530-414-7733.