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Be Smart About Diagnostic Service & Maximize Your Investment

At German Import Garage and Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, CA, we often field inquiries about our diagnostic testing fee. Our rationale is simple: Diagnostic testing and service is about giving our customers accurate information and answers to their vehicle questions so their vehicle is fixed right the first time.      Why can’t QAS or GIG take a diagnosis from another shop? To provide a comprehensive warranty on work performed, we need to be assured the right work is being done. Accepting another shop's diagnosis risks an incomplete or inaccurate assessment resulting in an incomplete or inaccurate repair. I have the trouble code, can you just do the repair it indicates? A trouble code is just a starting point that directs a technician. A qualified technician needs to delve deeper and discover the intricacies of the trouble. With expertise, online technical resources, a ... read more

Truckee High School Students Learn Basics About Their Cars

Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee recently hosted a group of Seniors and Juniors from Truckee High School who are enrolled in the new "Adulting" class. They visited the shop to learn essential car safety and maintenance skills. Courtney Shalvis, their teacher and the creator of this elective course, organized the visit. The aim was to help students grasp basic car knowledge, such as locating the hood release, finding the oil dipstick, and checking fluid levels. During their session with Jody Cilmi, a technician at Quality Automotive Servicing, the students also received guidance on trip preparation. They learned what to inspect before embarking on a long road trip. Initially, the students were shy and reserved. However, as the class progressed, they grew more comfortable, interested, and actively participated in discussions. Gary Gunter, the General Manager at Quality Automotive Servicing, noted the positive transformation in the students' attitude towards the sub ... read more



About Your Warranty With Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee

As a customer of Quality Automotive Servicing, you receive a 24,000 mile/2 years warranty on parts and workmanship for work performed at Quality Automotive Servicing. If you are a member of the Red Check Club you earned an extended warranty of 36,000 miles/3 years. This warranty is based on whatever comes first, the number of years or the mileage.  Your Warranty is with Quality Automotive Servicing It is important to know that your warranty is with Quality Automotive Servicing and only for work performed at QAS. If you experience a problem or have a question, contact us immediately so we can address the issue promptly and effectively with the least amount of inconvenience to you. Trust that our technicians know what work was performed on your vehicle and are best at addressing your concern or issue. This warranty is with Quality Automotive Servicing. It is important to know that you will not be reimbursed for  ... read more

Winter Recovery Service at Quality Automotive Servicing

Winter Recovery Service at Quality Automotive Servicing

This epic winter has subjected your vehicle to some dirty, rough roads. At Quality Automotive Servicing we know that mountain-driven vehicles in Truckee have incurred damage from road hazards such as excessive dirt, rocks, potholes, road chemicals and the daily blast of moisture under the body. Truckee's Tahoe Donner has reported over 64 days of snowfall, so it's no surprise that your front suspension, as well as many other systems on the vehicle, have been through a lot.     Mountain Driven Vehicles Simply Need More Maintenance Mountain-driven vehicles need more maintenance and a professional team. Daily driving during weather events, on dusty roads and at extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, put added wear and tear on vehicle components. A mountain-driven vehicle needs a full-service, not just a hurried oil change. The folks at Quality Automotive Servicing suggest a service every six months to stay on top of ... read more

Truckee High School Seniors Present Tips for Holiday Driving

The following message is part of the Quality Automotive Servicing commitment to Full Circle Community Support as we give these students a voice in the community while supporting the class of 2022 in having a "Safe & Sober Graduation".  We invite you to join QAS in supporting "Project Grad; Safe & Sober Graduation" by donating to THS Boosters Grad Night Fund by check or using this link.    Checks can be mailed to: Truckee High School Boosters Grad Night 11725 Donner Pass Road Truckee, CA 96161         A Message From Truckee High School Seniors Brooke & Elsa About Drinking & Driving The Holiday season is one of many peoples favorites, with family love and social parties to enjoy. Along with holiday festivities many may also choose to drink and with this comes the ... read more