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Owner "Goes The Distance" to Rescue Dog


The Truckee, CA team at Quality Automotive Servicing recognizes owner Bill Greeno for his quick thinking and willingness to take charge and rescue a neighborhood dog.

The golden retriever was trapped after it had fallen through the ice toward the middle of Glenshire Pond.Truckee resident and Quality Automotive Servicing owner, Bill quickly evaluated the situation from his backyard and gathered up the needed rescue equipment to make the big save. As a whitewater enthusiast, Bill had the equipment handy; two life jackets, a dry top and a throw rope. Arriving to the scene on his bike, Bill quickly planned the safest rescue for himself and the dog. This included getting wet and cold. 

Bill set up a system and recruited a bystander to rescue him if things went wrong. He then ventured out on the ice, only to quickly fall through. He then broke ice and swam to the island where he stumbled through the rotten snow to get closer to the dog. Then Bill went for another polar-bear swim to get close enough to reach the dog.   

Although, the dog was happy to see his rescuer, he again tried to get up on the ice seeing that as the shortest distance to his owner. With dog and tow, Bill swam back to the island, crossed to the other side and swam and broke ice to reunited dog and owner.  Great job Bill on your decisive action and go the distance attitude. 

What's a Go The Distance Award?

At Quality Automotive Servicing we are proud of our reputation "to go the distance" for our customers, for our community and in our personal lives. Over the next year we will be awarding the "Go The Distance" award to customers and QAS team members who go beyond what is common and expected.

You can nominate an employee or a customer at [email protected]