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Truckee High School Students Learn Basics About Their Cars

Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee recently hosted a group of Seniors and Juniors from Truckee High School who are enrolled in the new "Adulting" class. They visited the shop to learn essential car safety and maintenance skills. Courtney Shalvis, their teacher and the creator of this elective course, organized the visit. The aim was to help students grasp basic car knowledge, such as locating the hood release, finding the oil dipstick, and checking fluid levels.

During their session with Jody Cilmi, a technician at Quality Automotive Servicing, the students also received guidance on trip preparation. They learned what to inspect before embarking on a long road trip. Initially, the students were shy and reserved. However, as the class progressed, they grew more comfortable, interested, and actively participated in discussions.

Gary Gunter, the General Manager at Quality Automotive Servicing, noted the positive transformation in the students' attitude towards the subject. Some even expressed interest in exploring apprentice and internship programs at the facility as potential career paths.

To assess their newfound knowledge, the students applied what they learned by independently opening the hoods of their own vehicles. They successfully identified various components and performed tasks like checking oil levels and tire pressure.

Quality Automotive Servicing collaborates actively with schools and organizations to educate students about vehicle maintenance. The goal is to equip young individuals with the knowledge necessary to keep their vehicles running smoothly.

About the Apprentice Program

Quality Automotive Servicing’s commitment to developing young talent in the automotive industry is evidenced by a successful apprenticeship program that has put two individuals on a career track.

The apprenticeship program spans a duration of two years, during which participants enroll in the automotive program at Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC). Simultaneously, they engage in real-world applications of their knowledge at Quality Automotive Servicing, working closely with experienced master technicians who provide invaluable guidance and mentorship. This dual approach ensures that apprentices not only acquire theoretical understanding but also develop the practical skills essential for success in the automotive field.

Quality Automotive Servicing is investing in the development of local young adults to not only meet the demands for skilled professionals in the region but also empower young people to pursue rewarding and sustainable career paths.