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There’s a difference between “oil change” and “oil service”?


The “quick lube” 20 minute oil change has been a long term standard in the automotive industry. Providing a fast oil change sounds great, but ultimately is a disservice to the customer and the vehicle.

Here at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, CA, that used to be our standard too. We charged a minimal “quick lube” price for a quick oil change that did not include any kind of inspection. However, the day came when we provided that service to a customer, and as she left our parking lot her serpentine belt broke. She asked how we could have missed such a thing! Explaining she would have rather had us taken the time to inspect her car since it was already in the shop, and avoided such an awful breakdown.

That is why we created the ServicePlus Oil Service.  We know importance of a vehicle inspection at every service, no matter how new or old the vehicle is. Your safety, and the safety of your passengers, is as important to us as it is to you. Invest in a QAS Oil Service from an expert technician, and you will not be caught uunexpectedly by a hidden repair issue, or worse roadside troubles. 

A QAS oil service will take longer than 20 minutes and we do in charge a premium. But you will "drive confidently" knowing you had the full attention of a expert technician who provides you with a digital report of the various systems on your vehicle. All so you can make smart decisions about your vehicle repair and maintenance.

We go the distance premium products and experts technicians, so you can go the distance out on the road.  To learn more about our three levels of ServicePlus maintenance, take a look at this blog. (link here).