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Winter Recovery Service at Quality Automotive Servicing

This epic winter has subjected your vehicle to some dirty, rough roads. At Quality Automotive Servicing we know that mountain-driven vehicles in Truckee have incurred damage from road hazards such as excessive dirt, rocks, potholes, road chemicals and the daily blast of moisture under the body. Truckee's Tahoe Donner has reported over 64 days of snowfall, so it's no surprise that your front suspension, as well as many other systems on the vehicle, have been through a lot.    

Mountain Driven Vehicles Simply Need More Maintenance

Mountain-driven vehicles need more maintenance and a professional team. Daily driving during weather events, on dusty roads and at extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, put added wear and tear on vehicle components. A mountain-driven vehicle needs a full-service, not just a hurried oil change. The folks at Quality Automotive Servicing suggest a service every six months to stay on top of issues that might start as small problems but quickly become big expenses. 

What starts as a small problem can

quickly become a big expense.  

Damage Control. Here is what we have been seeing at the shop. 

  • Suspension damage including worn shocks & struts, loose ball joints, bent tie rods & control arms.
  • Alignment issues causing uneven tire wear & other problems.
  • Underbody skid plates cracked, broken or missing that can longer protect the underbody.
  • Fluid reservoirs and hoses cracked and leaking.
  • Windshield wipers and wash system damage.
  • Pitted, cracked and broken headlights and tail lights, some full of moisture. 
  • Cabin air filters full of dirt, pine needles and rodent remnants. 
  • Failed door electronics due to moisture in the door panel.

"Winter Recovery" Racked-Up Service At Quality Automotive Servicing

Now is the time to visit your local partner in auto care at 11500 Donner Pass Road in Truckee for a  “winter recovery” service. While on the rack a Quality Automotive Servicing expert technician can identify damage that may have occurred due to our recent winter. The pro-team will help you get things fixed before a real problem develops. Summer travel season is just around the corner and the service schedule is booking up so don't wait too long. 



Small Problems Become Bigger More Expensive Problems

If you want to avoid a bigger problem, take care of issues as they arise quickly. Don't put off making an appointment at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee, CA for your vehicle service & repair. The QAS expert team will be thorough and complete. Only at this local shop can you get to know your professional service advisor who is ready to help you filter through all the manufacturer recommendations and provide service solutions about any damage your vehicle may have experienced this winter.

It's Easy To Stay Local
Quality Automotive Servicing is a Truckee-based, locally owned shop. Conveniently located at 11500 Donner Pass Road the friendly service team makes it easy and convenient to get service with low-cost rental cars, consierge pick-up and drop off, courtesy rides and soon mobile oil service (existing customers only).  

Our "Passion" Statement Says It All

At Quality Automotive Servicing... We Go The Distance.

We go beyond the obvious to educate customers with full disclosure and transparency. This allows you, the service advisor and the technician to find the best solution to keep your vehicle reliable for years to come. Our business

  • Maintains a clean work & customer environment
  • Commits to individual and team training
  • Invest in our community


Quality Automotive Servicing of Truckee, CA has over 2000 five-star reviews

I appreciate the fact that Quality always does a service check to ensure that my vehicle is in good working order. The staff thoroughly reviews upcoming recommendations and clarifies what service can be delayed versus what is critical. Everyone I have interacted with has been friendly, responsive and professional. I'm grateful to have a local shop that I can trust."

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