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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Full Circle Community Support

We at Quality Automotive Servicing in Truckee believe in giving back to the community in which we live, work, and play. Over the years through donations, volunteerism, board service and even local taxes, the owners of Quality Automotive Servicing have invested in this community. The QAS team has coined a term that describes this commitment - Full Circle Community Support (FCCS). Full Circle Community Support does not start or end with our commitment to make an impact on our community. It’s a full circle of business supporting community and community supporting business. Let me say this as simplistically as I can. When consumers in the community spend their dollars locally, the money stays and recirculates in the community through jobs, investment and donations to non-profit organizations that are tirelessly working to make Truckee/Lake Tahoe a better place to live. On the flip side, money spent off the mountain, never comes back to our community. ... read more

Five "Car Wise" Ways to Stay Safe & Healthy

Five "Car Wise" Ways to Stay Safe & Healthy

Now that social distancing is a thing and keeping close to the home in Truckee is the new normal, we at Quality Automotive Servicing have a few suggestions on keeping you and your car healthy. Healthy Car, Healthy You - Five Things you can do to keep you and your car healthy. Your car can keep and carry unwanted germs. Sanitize all the surfaces, knobs and windows to keep your family healthy. (Ask about our A.R.-17 sanitation product that cleans and sanitizes the AC and recirculating air system, as well as the surfaces inside the vehicle). Review the owner’s manual and take the time to really learn about your car; the maintenance schedule and even a feature you had no idea existed. For example, inside the gas door on the Mercedes is information about tire pressure at different temperatures. Go for a drive. Like our bodies, it’s not healthy for a car to sit for long periods of time. Issues can ari ... read more

Healthy Car - Healthy Family - No Contact Vehicle Service - Keeping your car sanitary

It's times like these that you need a safe and reliable car. There are things you can do to be sure your car is sanitary and in working order so you can depend on it. First here is what we are doing to keep our employees working and supporting their families while protecting them and our customers from Covid-19. “No contact” outside secure key drop & pick up boxes available. Four customers courtesy cars cleaned and sanitized after each use. Treated with A.R.- 17 (see below about this service for your car). We will accommodate customers with a pick up/delivery of their vehicle or we can provide a ride home. Single use pens and regular cleaning of counters, surfaces, and customer keys. Our technicians always wear gloves when moving your vehicle in and out of the shop. We have purchased the newest Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic air purification system for the customer reception area (with virus filtration). Here are a few things you can do for your vehicle an ... read more