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Have An Emergency Auto Repair?

Having car problems when you are on vacation in Truckee is frustrating. We understand how troublesome it is to be stranded in the mountains. We are here to help you negotiated your vehicle troubles and repairs so you can continue with your life. However, we are a mountain town and patience is required. Please review the following so you know what to expect.  Quality Automotive Servicing is locally owned and operated. We are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm and closed noon to 1 pm.  There is a key drop available for dropping off during closed hours.  We are closed during holiday periods. QAS IS FULL-SERVICE QAS is a full-service shop providing dealership level-service and repairs. However, during large weather events and holiday seasons it may take longer to complete your service/repair.  Please review the following five items.    1. All services are by appointment. We will do ... read more

Winter tips & hacks that will save you money and headaches

Winter tips & hacks that will save you money and headaches

There's trouble waiting for you out on the roadways this winter.  Unfortunately, you can’t control what others do, but you can improve your risk factor of an accident by paying attention to your own car and safety.   Here's our top 10 habits and hacks that will help you prepared for winter out on the road.  1 Save Your Wiper Motor, Linkage & Blades From Failure Never rely on your wipers to remove accumulated snow from the windshield. If wipers are struggling to clear the snow or are frozen to the windshield, the result could be damage to the wiper blade arms, linkage or wiper motor. All requires repair in the hundreds of dollars and may leave you dangerously without wipers. Don't be this person....  2. Good Tires Will Save You From An Accident You can not depend on four-wheel-drive alone to keep you safe on the road. During snow events you need good tires with appropriate tread. Sliding into ... read more

Five Reasons to Stick With QAS for ALL Your Service

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Dog Days of Summer at Quality Automotive Servicing

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Welcome to Quality Automotive Servicing

Welcome to Quality Automotive Servicing

Welcome to Quality Automotive Servicing! Click or tap on the video above to play and learn more about who we are. We look forward to seeing you